All the Rage: Trims from Brimar



Brimar Trim at KMD“Unique details are the catalyst to extraordinary spaces.”

Be inspired by unique uses of decorative trimmings. Layering multiple pieces or accenting in unexpected places fuses creativity into traditional or modern spaces.

Decorative trimmings are the creative nuances which achieve remarkable aesthetic effects in rooms of varying styles.  Consider fringes, tapes, gimps, cords, boullions, tassels and tiebacks to embellish furniture, draperies and home accessories.  Brimar‘s sophisticated trim designs are mixed with a palette of vivacious and soothing hues to present an assortment of over 8,000 choices including performance and eco-friendly trimmings.

To view more from this industry leading brand, visit the Kenneth McDonald Designs showroom!

Brimar Trim KMD

KMD Trim Orage County

[ Images and original content via Brimar ]

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