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It’s not just your imagination – it has been a long hard cold winter for most of us in the US.  We are all longing for some signs of spring; the warmth of the sun, the bursts of spring flowers, and the return of green leaves and grass.  Colors just seem a little brighter when they have been so long awaited!  It’s a happy time of year when the rebirth of the garden connects us with new found beauty. 


       Birdsong wallpaper (ER8136), Savoy scroll wallpaper (ER8121), and Luminary damask wallpaper (ER8172) all from York’s Waverly Cottage collection.

The Grass is Always Greener in the spring.  Borrow from Mother Nature’s saturated palate of greens – from bright lush grass, to mid leaf tones including tulip leaves and Bradford pear leaves, and early ground covers like the deep clear green of Myrtle.  Choose a lacy damask for walls in a foyer, an aviary pattern in the dining nook, or this pretty scrolling coral motif for the guest bath. Carrying these bright tones into your home décor color scheme keeps your décor fresh all year long.


       Open Floral wallpaper (WB5400), Open Trellis wallpaper (WB5508) and Floral Branch Toss wallpaper (WB5418) all from Ashford’s Botanical Fantasy collection.

Lavender Dreams.  While restful, this color is no sleeper in either home décor or the garden. Purple tones speak to contemplation and inner thought; its a comforting hue,  conducive to relaxation.  Beautiful hyacinths with their heady perfume are about as pretty as lavender gets!  Wrap your walls in this quietly bold hue with a touch of neutral gray for a softly soothing décor statement.  Freshen a room with a lacey white and lavender trellis or relax in a room with this feathery amethyst bouquet design.

Blog-Yellow3       Petal Pusher floral block wallpaper (RB4207) from York’s Risky Business collection.  Fontaine floral wallpaper (RD3537) from Ronald Redding’s Sculptured Surfaces I collection.  Trellis wallpaper (KB8649) from York’s Bistro 750 collection.

Daffodil Days:  Sunny Delight. Warm. Bright. Cheerful. Like the rich tones of spring’s daffodils, yellow tones continue to hold an important place in the world of fashion – both runway and home.  A good “go-with” color it works equally well with neutrals like gray and bold accents like cobalt blue or emerald green.  Whimsy-it-up with a fun floral color block design.  Romance it with a soft sculptured ink stylized garden motif, or make it trendy with an abstract honeycomb.  Surround yourself in good cheer.


       Mesh Texture in Cherry wallpaper (EB2098), Teahouse Floral wallpaper (EB2074) and Sea Floral wallpaper (EB2005) all from Carey Lind Designs Vibe collection.

Bulbs and Berries. An abundant range of saturated pinks are at the forefront thanks to Pantone’s Radiant Orchid lead.  Like the orchid tone, but possibly easier to live with, are the berry tones:  cherry, raspberry, cranberry and strawberry.  We like the cherry tones especially well this spring.  And what better to pair them with but rich cream!  Decorate your walls with the rejuvenated tradition of this lovely peony motif or be bold with juicy florals for a more transitional style.  Rich and wonderful like your favorite cherry taffy!


       Hampton Trellis wallpaper (WA7715) and Lovers Lane stripe wallpaper (WA7784) both from York’s Waverly Classics.  Hydrangea floral wallpaper (BA4543) and Dogwood Trail wallpaper (BA4563) from York’s Casabella II collection.  Plaisley wallpaper (RB4232) from York’s Risky Business collection.

Treetop Bouquet.  It’s a second story bouquet to look down on a canopy of spring blossoms decorating the tops of cherry, pear and dogwood ornamental trees.  The depth of color in the dogwood blossoms is richly intriguing and York has embraced this deep coral toned hue in a variety of designs for use throughout the house.  Try a medallion trellis for a softer side to the geometric trend, or a variegated stripe that has the benefit of the whole coral family color range.  Do a feature wall in updated paisley or keep it simply beautiful with a dogwood floral trail design.  This rich palette puts just the right amount of “spring” in your step!

| Original content and images via York |




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