April Showers Bring May Wall Flowers


 MKT Mudroom Enchanted

-Beautiful mudroom featuring Candice Olson’s Enchanted wallpaper (NY4944) from Modern Luxe, with a look as soft and inviting as it’s name.


 A little shower of rain, some warm sunny rays; the long anticipated spring is finally here!  So put on your rain boots and take a walk outside and don’t avoid splashing in a few mud puddles.  And when you get home, focus your attention on the Mud Room. That very special place that balances a beautiful welcome with the practical side of good housekeeping; where the rubber boot prepares to hit the road, or come back home!


Boots11-Coral and green rain boots by Jessicaswift.com.  Coral and green wallpaper, Medallion with Scroll (AP7457) from Ashford House Silhouettes collection by York.  Blue folk wallpaper, Santa Maria (WP2459) from the Waverly Small Prints collection by York.  Folk Art rain boot by Desigual.com.


Bright and cheerful with a dash of folksy whimsy – the perfect combination to say “Welcome to our Home” while providing sufficient design pattern to hide puppy paw prints and the occasional muddy boot that your youngest managed to have hit the wall during a hurried removal.  So serviceable too with York’s washable finish making it easy care and stress free.  You’ve got to love when pretty is functional!


Boots2Wildflower floral rain boot by Hunter RHS original Wellington boots.  Floral Vine wallpaper (KH7140) from York’s Kitchen & Bath collection.  Rosier Botanical wallpaper (KH7055) from York’s Kitchen & Bath collection.  Garden flowers rain boots from Pinterest.


For many, April is the month to get back in the garden.  Planning the season’s blooms, blossoms and vegetable bounty is truly a spring tonic.  Fall in love with your mud room by creating an interior garden with beautiful wallpaper that surrounds the space with nature’s bounty.  Select from English garden motifs or botanical studies; York has an abundance of artistically designed floral and garden designs to suit a variety of tastes.


Boots3-Red Paisley rain boots by Pipduck.  Byzance paisley wallpaper (WH7719) from Waverly Classics for York.  Regent’s Glen plaid wallpaper (ML1230) from Ronald Redding’s Houndstooth collection.  Rossalyn II rain boots by Ralph Lauren.


Regal red is the design statement that resonates throughout the year.  Warm, and rich with an underlying hint of classic good taste, it is none-the-less balanced from stuffiness with its bright primary depth that punches up the color in any room.  In the mud room in particular, this color, be it plaid or paisley, emotes comfort from the second you enter in from the cold.


Boots4– Black and white Puddles damask rain boots by shoes.com.  Luminary Damask wallpaper (ER8173) from Waverly Cottage for York.  Black and white Country Life toile wallpaper (WA7827) from Waverly Classics for York.  Toile rain boots from wellies.com.au.

Neutral with a brush of formal black – always fashionable; its an easy color combination to decorate around.  Choose a bench with a pretty rush seat and spooled legs painted matt black for your mud room, creating an inviting place to stop and remove your rain boots and hang up your hat.  York has a lovely modern interpretation of the classic damask design, if you lean toward transitional in your style, and a pastoral toile if your personal style leans more toward updated rural.

Boots5-Watercolor rain boots by Tedbaker.com.  Ornamental Bloom watercolor wallpaper (PA110401) from Kitchen, Bath & Beyond collection.   Variegated Stripe wallpaper (SA9120) from Ashford Stripes collection.  Bold stripe rain boots from Chesirehorse.com.


Blue greens – from softest aqua to bold teal; this color is a crowd pleaser that has remained popular for several years running.  Keep it toned soft and soothing with spa- like aqua watercolors, a big trend in wall art (both framed and wallpaper!) and soft furnishings and bedding.  Or punch it up with bold stripes in deeper turquoise for vibrant style that brightens and delights.

Entryways and mud rooms are an ideal location in the home for a powerful wallpaper statement rooted in this color grouping. The stage is set for your style as soon as you walk through the door; engaging, eye stopping, and completely showy – ideal for a room that brings you through one space and into the next.

The wonderful thing about decorating today is that there is a variety of styles all trending at once, it’s just a matter of choosing your wall wardrobe to represent your personal style!

Stop into the KMD Showroom to see all the possibilities!

 | Original content and images via York |

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