Cool Summer Nights with York.


Cool it Down with Sea Glass…

Cool breezes, aquamarine ocean, sandy beaches.  Ok, perhaps a trip to the Carribean is not in your future.   You can still capture the essence of this little bit of paradise with beautiful sea glass color throughout your home.  Vintage meets refreshed with sea glass tones in this inspired Scrimshaw motif; the perfect conversation starter for walls in that special room, or the plates you set the table with.  Accent your home with gorgeous sea glass drawer pulls, inspired by the roll of ocean waves; or accent yourself with beautiful sea glass jewelry softened by time and tides.


Sea-Glass–  Sea glass terrace canopy from Coastal Home blog. Drawer pulls, Maritime Scrimshaw wallpaper (NY4821) from York’s Nautical Living collection. Sea glass pendant from Whale plates from

Whatever your favorite climate, wherever your favorite locale, and whichever your favorite design direction, KMD and York Wallcoverings with its thousands of patterns, has you and your walls covered.

 | Original content and images via York |



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