Go to South Beach with Silver State


Silver State Inc. throws out any modesty or false humility to bring you SOUTH BEACH, their latest Sunbrella® collection distributed exclusively through Alaxi (a division of Silver State Inc.).

As lush and vibrant as Miami itself, you have never seen anything in Sunbrella® as plush and luxurious as South Beach!  The hand is soft to the touch and the colors are vivid but cool.  Patterns are bold and forward.  Scale and repeats are across the board in sizes.

FontainebleauA “HUGE, HUGE” railroaded stripe (32.25” repeat).  This pattern has contrasting colors with an updated twist on the Greek key to blend the stripes.

AvenuesLarge/mid-scale with a labyrinthian turn on a traditional Greek key.  A chenille on a contrasting plain cloth that feels so soft it is like a cut velvet.

Kitty KittyTaking advantage of newly developed technique, this organic tiger pattern is as soft as cashmere.

There is more to see.  From the fat corduroy Ibiza to two new additions to the outdoor sheers, SOUTH BEACH is a fresh change to Outdoor.  

SOUTH BEACH has 37 SKUs in 9 new exclusive patterns, so stop by Kenneth McDonald Designs today to feel the spirit of South Beach!


[ Original images and content via Silver State Textiles ]

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