Innovations: Mayfair Collection



Inspired by their travels and the aesthetic exchange between the East and the West that developed in the 18th century, the Innovations Design Studio shares a nostalgia for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship through the 10 new wallcoverings and four new draperies in their 2016 collection.

36-inch wallcovering Mayfair marries Indian inspiration with Western tailoring. Layers of beautiful, luxe materials create a decadent design: gilt printing on cork veneers on a metallic paper base make any of Mayfair’s seven colors an exquisite addition to any home.


Fashion-inspired with layers of beautiful, luxe materials — gilt printing, cork veneers and a metallic paper base — Mayfair marries an Indian-inspired madras pattern with the precise, masculine tailoring of West London.

 | Original Content and Images via Innovations USA |

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