TRI-KES Features Tower’s Marquise & Marquise Silk


Introducing Tower’s Marquise & Marquise Silk


Tower’s latest releases, Marquise and Marquise Silk, are two perfect coordinates. Art Deco meets Mid-century modern in Marquise (shown in feature photo above). Named after the popular diamond cut, this bold geometric features interlocking diamonds that are sure to shine. The pops of color in Golden Beryl and Amazonite add to the mid-century influence across the well-balanced neutrals.

marquise silk

Marquise Silk (shown above) is a delicate pattern with soft, horizontal slubs, mimicking true silk. This classic gem is perfectly balanced with the striking graphic of its coordinate, Marquise. The retro 19 colors are a blend of neutrals and jewel tones. Marquise Silk is simplicity at its best.

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