The most precious and seductive fabrics as jacquards, lampas and velvets made of natural fibres such as silk, linen, wool and cotton along with the performing Trevira CS are the ingredients that, subtlely blended with international taste and distintive italian style, are at the base of the exclusive range of decorative and upholstery fabrics , curtains and sheers of AURA Fabrics.

Fabrics for your senses

The discovery of a new fabric is a sensorial experience, a sequence of feelings and emotions where design and colour are the first to capture our attention.

Then, as we get closer to the fabric, we can appreciate its texture and manufacturing. The sheerness of silk is enchanting. The freshness of linen is soothing. The smoothness of velvet is relaxing. The warmth of wool is comforting. And the softness of a sheer seems a caress…

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