At Innovations, our name has always been our mantra. From the very start, founder and CEO Rudy Mayer set out to break new ground in the industry by creating wallcovering and textiles to surprise and excite design professionals, while simultaneously providing unparalleled customer service.

When Mayer launched Innovations in 1975, he wanted to be original. “I was looking for ways to be creative and I wanted to introduce unique and dynamic products to inspire designers. That’s why I chose the name Innovations for my company. Now, forty years later, my team and I continue to travel the world seeking out creative techniques to develop unique wallcovering that allows us to live up to the name.”

Innovations has made its mark by remaining true to Mayer’s conviction that design integrity and customer satisfaction come first.

“We work hard to be in tune with industry trends so that we can adapt to the designer’s needs,” notes Mayer. “I always ask my team, what are we doing that’s truly innovative, and what are we doing that we can be proud of? We’ve got to be able to stand behind our products and we’ve got to be the specifier’s number one choice for innovative wallcovering.”

We believe that is the secret to our success. We can stand behind our products because they are made with the highest manufacturing standards, using top-of-the-line materials at the cutting edge of contemporary design, and we stand behind our customers because they stand behind us. Innovations – our name speaks for itself.



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