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Lee's Upholstery Supply

Lee’s Decorative Showcase is a family owned business that was created in 1946 under the name Lee’s Upholstering. During the early years, Lee’s Upholstering specialized in creating breakfast nooks in the then-booming housing market in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Over the next 25 years, under the guidance of company founder Hymie Levi, we began to branch out into re-upholstery services, as well as opening a retail market, which sold basic upholstery supplies and fabrics to the public.          

Recognizing the changing needs of the decorative upholstery industry, we changed our company name to “Lee’s Upholstery Supply.” Our company focus shifted to offering goods, services, reliability, and new products. This decision paid off, and the upholstery supply business proved very successful. We were able to assert ourselves as the premier supplier in a niche market, making us the only one-source supplier with same-day service.

Lee’s made a major commitment to become a nationwide supplier of high quality trims, tassels, decorative nails, and upholstery supplies. This change in product mix made it necessary to change the company’s name yet again, so Lee’s Upholstery Supply became Lee’s Decorative Showcase, Inc. We felt that the new name would best represent the new multi-faceted nature of our company. From that point on we were no longer just about upholstery supplies.

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