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Keep it Comfortable with Neutrals…

For those who don’t like the extremes of hot and cool, there’s always the gracious living created with richly designed and intricately textured neutrals.  These splendid hues are a very distant cousin to boring beige with their warm grounds, rich tops and layers of shimmer and shine.



–  Clean line damask wallpaper, Escala (DD8459) and Chunky floral wallpaper (EB2059) both from Ronald Redding’s new Designer Damasks collection.  Rattan chaise by Luxxella Outdoor Patio Wicker.

What a fine balance, the deep warm tones of rattan married to the cool crisp whites of cotton.  And what better way to have them joined then in an inviting double chaise for the garden and in a clean lined damask, or inviting floral for your walls.


– Teahouse Floral wallpaper (EB2073) from the Carey Lind Vibe collection.  Earthy neutrals clothing and accessories from Polyvore.com.  Cork Jack Rogers sandals from Pinterest.  Damask Stripe with metallic accents wallpaper from York’s Botanical Fantasy collection.

 Add an earthy splash of garden color to your neutrals with leaf green for a relaxed yet chic look that is equally appealing in cropped shorts, chiffon blouse and sunhat or pretty floral bloom trail for your walls.  Or bring on some bling to an already intriguing texture like these delightful cork sandals or lacey chain damask wallpaper.

Whatever your favorite climate, wherever your favorite locale, and whichever your favorite design direction, KMD and York Wallcoverings with its thousands of patterns, has you and your walls covered.

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