York Starts with The Walls!



Spring 2016 brings us landscapes from the urban center, a mix of matte and metals, and casual colors for the athleisure lifestyle. This season classic- meets-casual color for an upbeat approach to repurposed and redefined stylings just right for upmarket.  The key is a balance of opposites in a fast paced world.

Clean– Patterns from left to right: Fashion image found on Pinterest, pattern “Cathedral”, “3” Stripe” and “Galt Embroidery”.

Clean: Stripes organize the eye and sooth the cacophony of noise which surrounds us in the modern age.  Now delivery is bold and dynamic as stripes come to the forefront in unconventional colors and at unexpected angles. It appears that stripes have changed their stripes!

Color– Patterns from left to right: Party favors image found on Pinterest, pattern “3″ Wide Stripe”, “Aquarella” and “Criss Cross”.

Visit the KMD Showroom and enjoy browsing through the all of York‘s collections.

| Original content and images via York |

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