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York’s Wall Color of the Year (YWC) 2016: Metallic Gold


York has chosen gold, the new star of interiors, as our color of the year. The balancing touch of brilliant shine which began as an accessory obsession has grown to incorporate subtle finishes and updated past incarnations to become home décor’s newest neutral.

Combine gold with everything, transitioning from trend through traditional in warming finishes of brushed gold, rose gold and translucent iridescent. Gold brings a soft welcoming edge to modern and an elegance to everything it touches, so this year why not go for the gold?

GoldWhite– York Wallcoverings patterns top to bottom: “Light as a Feather” and “Charma”, “Haven”, “Modern Marble”.  All other images found on Pinterest.

Simply White

Although “Simply White” has created a furor as this year’s choice from Benjamin Moore, partner it with gold and watch simple turn sophisticated. Still clean in its fundamental nature, use brushed finishes for warm casual and brass for new contemporary.

So partner gold’s luxurious depths with all the colors of the year for 2016. And remember, this year as every year, it all starts with the walls!

Stop into the KMD Showroom and see all that glitters GOLD…is York.

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